Company Policy Checklist for New Hires

Compensation Policy

  • Explain the company’s compensation structure and payment frequency
  • Discuss how salary increases, bonuses, and other incentives are awarded
  • Clarify the payroll schedule and payment methods
  • Provide information about tax deductions, pension plans, and other benefits

Employee Leave Policy

  • Discuss the company’s policy on sick leave, vacation leave, and other types of leave
  • Explain how employees can apply for leave, how much leave they are entitled to, and the rules for taking leave
  • Clarify the process for requesting and approving leave, and any restrictions on when leave can be taken

Performance Review Policy

  • Explain how the company evaluates employee performance and what criteria are used
  • Clarify how often performance reviews are conducted and how feedback is provided
  • Discuss any training or development opportunities available to help employees improve their performance

Workplace Regulations

  • Explain the company’s policies regarding workplace behavior and conduct
  • Discuss any rules or regulations employees are expected to follow
  • Clarify the process for reporting workplace violations and the consequences for non-compliance

Workplace Safety Policy

  • Explain the company’s policies and procedures for ensuring a safe workplace
  • Clarify how employees can report safety hazards or incidents, and how these will be addressed
  • Discuss any training or resources available to help employees stay safe at work

Employee Confidentiality Policy

  • Explain the company’s policies regarding the confidentiality of company and customer information
  • Clarify what information is considered confidential and how it should be handled
  • Discuss any consequences for violating the confidentiality policy

Benefits Overview

  • Provide an overview of the benefits offered by the company, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks
  • Clarify any eligibility requirements, enrollment deadlines, and other important details

Remote Work Policy

  • Explain the company’s policies and guidelines for remote work, including eligibility requirements and expectations for performance and availability
  • Clarify any equipment or technology requirements, as well as any reimbursement policies for expenses related to remote work

Employee Travel Policy

  • Discuss the company’s policies regarding business travel, including expectations for behavior and conduct while traveling
  • Clarify any guidelines for expenses, reimbursement, and reporting

Employee Development and Education Policies

  • Explain the company’s policies regarding employee development and education, including opportunities for training and career growth
  • Clarify any eligibility requirements, application procedures, and expectations for participation

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