New Manager Checklist

  • Introduce the new manager to the company’s leadership team and provide an overview of the company’s history, culture, and values
  • Provide the new manager with an overview of the company’s mission, vision, and goals, and explain how their role fits into the overall strategy and objectives of the organization
  • Explain the new manager’s role and responsibilities, including their specific tasks and goals, as well as their authority and decision-making power
  • Review the company’s policies and procedures, including the code of conduct, dress code, and vacation policy, and explain how the new manager should enforce and uphold these standards in their team
  • Provide the new manager with an overview of the company’s systems and tools, such as the email and file sharing systems, the project management software, and the company website, and explain how they should use these tools to manage their team and their projects
  • Review the company’s performance management process, including how to set goals and expectations for their team, how to provide feedback and support, and how to handle performance issues and conflicts
  • Provide the new manager with an overview of the company’s budget and financial management, including how to allocate resources and manage expenses, and explain how the new manager should manage their team’s budget and performance
  • Review the company’s legal and compliance requirements, including labor laws, health and safety regulations, and privacy policies, and explain how the new manager should ensure that their team complies with these regulations.

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