Not Meeting Objectives

Objective non-achievement policy:

At BY YOUR SIDE, we set objectives to ensure that every BCBA is working towards the same goals and contributing to the success of the organization. However, we understand that there may be times when objectives are not achieved due to various reasons. This policy outlines the steps that will be taken if an employee fails to meet their objectives.

Objective setting:

At the beginning of each performance review cycle, objectives will be set for each employee, which will be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). Objectives will be discussed and agreed upon with the employee’s manager and will be aligned with the overall goals of the organization.

Non-achievement of objectives:

If an employee fails to achieve their objectives, the following steps will be taken:

  1. Identify the reason for non-achievement:

The employee’s manager will first investigate the reasons why the employee was not able to meet their objectives. The manager will discuss with the employee to understand any obstacles they faced that hindered their ability to meet their objectives.

  1. Provide coaching and support:

If the reason for non-achievement is due to a lack of knowledge, skill or resources, the manager will provide coaching and support to help the employee improve their performance.

  1. Develop a plan:

If the employee’s non-achievement is due to other reasons, the manager will work with the employee to develop a plan that outlines the steps needed to improve their performance and meet their objectives. The plan will be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).

  1. Monitor progress:

The manager will monitor the employee’s progress against the plan and provide regular feedback to ensure that they are on track.

  1. Consequences for non-achievement:

If the employee is still unable to meet their objectives despite the coaching, support and plan, the following consequences may be taken:

a) Performance Improvement Plan (PIP): A PIP will be developed with the employee, outlining specific actions that need to be taken to improve their performance. The PIP will have a timeline for improvement and will be reviewed regularly to ensure progress is being made.

b) Disciplinary action: If the employee continues to fail to meet their objectives and does not make any improvement despite the PIP, disciplinary action may be taken, which may include a written warning, suspension, or termination of employment.


At [company name], we believe that every employee has the potential to meet their objectives and contribute to the success of the organization. However, if an employee is unable to meet their objectives, we will work with them to identify the reasons for non-achievement, provide coaching and support, develop a plan, and monitor progress. We will also take appropriate disciplinary action if necessary to ensure that objectives are met, and the employee’s performance aligns with the overall goals of the organization.

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