How to Reduce Questions From Your Team

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We’ve all been there – you’re trying to actually get some work on and then you get a knock at the door. Do you have a minute? Or the more modern equivalent – a ping on Slack or Teams or Zoom or whatever live time tool it is you’re using. And that’s for your existing team – it’s even harder with new folks that have just joined and don’t yet know how to do their job!

So what can you do? Part of the challenge is that when you answer one person’s question we never take the time to actually create the resource to answer the question for the second, third or fourth person. What if we could save you weeks of time a year to focus on working on your business vs just in it being an answer bank?

Taking 10 seconds to save 10+ hours

In this video, we’ll walk you through how to leverage some of our favorite tools to create a resource of “How To’s” for your team. The thing is if you’re going to answer the question for one person, let’s take 10 seconds to build the resource that will answer it for the next 100 people!

So here’s the hack – you’re going to answer it anyway. You’re already doing the work! So work smarter & not harder.

Resources I mention in the video

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