How to Create Page Templates

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There’s two ways to create a template from the back end of your platform.

So option one is you can scroll down on the left side and you can click on where it says templates and when this pops up, you can say add new. It’s going to ask you, it’s going to be done in Elementor. So it’s going to ask you what type of template you want to work on. You can say it’s either be a whole page, just a section that I want to reuse in several pages, so on and so forth. A bunch of options here. We’re going to say a page. You’re going to give it a name. I’m going to put test. We’re going to create the template. When it pops up here, it’s going to pop up in Elementor. And then you can start building out what you want here. You can see, okay, it’s going to start with a video up top, you know, and then after that we’re going to have, you know, some text below the video. And when you’re all done, you can hit publish. And now that’s going to be in there. So if we go look at what the page is going to look like, here’s what that looks like on the live spot. Now, if we go back, I’m going to exit the dashboard to go back here. If we scroll down now, we scroll down to templates, we say saved templates. We’re going to see our page test is in here going forward. So here’s step number one.

Step number two, let’s say we already have a page created and we want to make that page a template. So I’ve gone to the page, I’m going to click on edit with Elementor. It’s going to bring me here, so let’s say I’ve already created everything I want. I want to be able to reuse this page over and over and over. So what we’re going to do here is we would click on this arrow, and we’d click save as template. We’d give it a name. We’d click save. And now it’s going to be in my templates. And so if we look down here is test two, this is the one I just created from the page that we were just working on. And if we look right above it, there’s that page test that I created separately over here. So now the way this would work is let’s say at the bottom here, we’ve created something. So now let’s say we wanna go get a template. We click on this folder. It’s gonna pull up my templates. Let’s try this page test. We’d say insert, apply. And now it’s gonna pull in the template that we created that video in the text right below it. Again if I click on that, I go to my templates and I want to do test 2, it’s gonna pull in the whole page here that you’re looking at. So this section here that we made a template up at the top, let it reload here, it’s gonna also be now back at the bottom because we created as a template. Then you click update and you can keep working. That’s it.

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