How to Mark Courses, Lessons, or Topics as Complete or Not Complete

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Here’s a quick video walkthrough on how to automatically mark courses, lessons, or topics as complete or uncheck them to reverse that and make them not complete for a user. So you’d be in the back end of your platform, you’re going to scroll down to where it says “Users” here, and we’re going to do click on the arrow, click on “All Users”, go to the user that’s in question. Here we’re going to use Anna as an example, we’re going to click on “Edit”, and if we scroll all the way down, we’ll see course progress details. are all the courses that are assigned to Anna right now. You can see for this first one, creating your first course, she’s completed two out of five steps. And so what we’re doing is we’re going to click on details. And so we can mark the entire course all complete, or we can look at what she’s completed right now, the welcome screen and the course builder. And if there’s any subsequent topics below it, they would drop down with these arrows. Let’s say we wanted to mark this how to build a course complete. We just click the check box there, scroll down, update user and that would mark that as complete. So if we did that we’re going to see now as it updates, scroll back down and that has now completed three out of five steps. So we go back into details, if we uncheck it, uncheck any of those, we’ll uncheck two of them, click update user, and now you’ll see when it refreshes and I will have completed one out of five steps. One out of five. So I’m just going to go back in, reset it to where she was for the example, click update. And that’s how you can change it for any of these. If you want to mark the whole course complete, click that button right there that says course all complete. That’s it.

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